Step Outside the Confines of a Typical Hotel

Large-scale guest accommodations are basically a dime a dozen. They house hundreds or thousand of people, offering certain amenities without much personality to speak of. In truth, they’re pretty much all alike. With a few variations here and there, their rooms all have the same setups and features. Sure, some are far more upscale than others. Certain rooms may offer a view of the ocean or the city whereas others leave you looking at dull brick walls. Still, they’re mostly just humdrum cookie-cutter quarters.

An Alternative to the Norm

Those looking for an outside-the-box experience may want to venture beyond the big box hotels. Though they may be somewhat difficult to find, other options are available. A Boutique Hotel offers all the amenities of its expansive counterparts as well as numerous extras most people probably wouldn’t expect from lodging. They tend to be refreshing alternatives in an industry where stuffy has become the norm.

What is a Boutique Hotel?

In order to truly be considered a boutique option, a hotel must have more than ten rooms but no more than 100. Accommodations in this category are often chic, cutting-edge spaces, but they can also offer quaint, homey appeal in some cases. They generally place extra emphasis on the foods and beverages they offer while lending themselves to local culture. Numerous benefits can come from choosing a boutique over the standard options.

Guest-Focused: Unlike other lodging options, boutiques take guest service and satisfaction to entirely new heights. Catering to fewer people allows them to offer more personalized service. Since their popularity depends on word-of-mouth advertising and reviews rather than a name seen in virtually every major city around, they actually care about how they treat their guests.

Unique: Boutiques may fall under a specific definition, but they’re certainly not all the same. They’re independently owned and each one has its own theme, decor, features and amenities. Treasury on Collins, for example, is nestled at the heart of all Melbourne has to offer and housed in the historical Bank of Australasia building dating back to the 1800s.

Filled with Personality: In addition to straying from the norm where food, decor and service are concerned, boutiques have their own flair. They not only advertise personality, but provide it in virtually every nook and cranny. Each one has its own niches and hitches, but they’re all tailored to what guests are likely to want most.

If you’re looking for a boutique hotel in Melbourne, you won’t be disappointed. The city’s award-winning establishment stands out from the crowd for a number of positive reasons. Don’t be afraid to step outside the typical accommodations and enjoy an entirely different experience.


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